Java OCR Applications using Tesseract

based on my quick search I couldn't find any mature Java OCR libraries, and as I wanna try something so I will not go with any commercial solution>

Also after quick search I found recommendations about Open Source OCR library called Tesseract

Sending xmlbean request to Service using SOAP-UI

If you want to send a sample XML bean request to one of your webservice operation using SOAP UI.
You will have to take care of some points while constructing the xmlbean sample request:

  1. Replace < with "&lt ;" without space
  2. start immediately after your operation parameter that is going to enclose the sample request with the request tag.
  3. this request tag should include the xmlns attribute relevant to your XSD.
    ex: xmlns=""

Changing the java package view in Netbeans 6.9.1

In this post I will provide answer to a question that is being asked too many times.

the question is How can I change the Java package view in Netbeans 6 to be tree view?

as most of NB users in previous releases used to change this from menus Look and feel; in the current release of Netbeans 6.x.x they have changed the way that can be used to change the java package view to be done by a simpler way that no body will even think about trying it which is.

JSF Data Scroller Pagination Information

in this post I will speak about Displaying JSF Data Scroller Pagination Information.

by default data table and data scroller JSF component  have no direct way to display the pagination information

for example: displaying information about the current displayed records (31 - 40 From 96)

this can be done simply by doing the following steps:

Converting Arabic text to displayable HTML codes

In this post I will present how to generate HTML codes for the arabic letters and the escap characters as well.

for each character there is HTML code representing this letter the following table represnts some mapping between letters and its HTML codes:


 HTML Code

Axis TCP Monitor Configuration

For Configuring Axis TCP Monitor to listen on all TCP packets you will have to follow the following steps:

Windows Arabic Encoding Cp1256 &#XXX;

in this post I will address the Arabic encoding problems.

any one may face one or more of the following scenarios:

  1. Retrieving Arabic data from database and wanna display it in a web page correctly.­
  2. Getting encoded Arabic data from web page and reading it correctly.

for the first Scenario  Retrieving Arabic data from database and wanna display it in a web page correctly.

Building, Running, and Integrating AndroMDA sample custom cartridge (deployment-cartridge) into your andromda application


­In this post I will try to make life with AndroMDA custom cartridge easier by guiding you step by step to Build, Run, and Integrate the sample custom cartridge (deployment-cartridge) into your andromda application.

most of the problems that any newbie may face when he decide to develop his own custom cartridge are:

Spring Service Layer caching

sometimes you may want to cache some information to enhance the performance by minimizing repeated hits to the database.

there are two ways you can take any one of them or take them both:

Adjusting OC4J configuration to support Arabic

for adjusting OC4J configuration to support Arabic do the following:

in the OC4J Server Properties screen in the Command Line Options block add the red options to your Java Options as follows:

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