Configuring BPEL environemnt in JDeveloper 11g

This blog entry will address the configuration required for jdevstudio 11 g to support BPEL.

  1. Install JDeveloper 11g (jdevstudio11113install.exe)
  2. Download extension and install it by (Help > Check for Updates > Next > Install From Local File).
  3. For making the Integrated Web Logic Server to run with no problems

Add the following line:

AddVMOption  -Dide.user.dir=D:/Oracle/jdevhome

to jdev.conf which is located under your jdeveloper installation folder (D:\Oracle\Middleware\jdeveloper\jdev\bin\jdev.conf)

till now we can develop BPEL project and start the Integrated WebLogic Server successfully.

Later I will edit this post to illustrate step by step developing Hello World BPEL example and deploying it to the Integrated WebLogic Server.


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