Noteworthy News From Norway

The European Commission released a report entitled “Health Effects of Smokeless Tobacco Products.” .
Except for one small part discussing tobacco harm reduction, most of the report was very negative, even denying
that snus use has had any effect on smoking in Europe: Sweden and Norway.

Life Expectancy in the U.S.

The National Center for Health Statistics in May released final data on
life expectancy and deaths in the U.S. for the year 2007.
It is an extraordinary report, because it further documents that
Americans continue to live longer and healthier lives, year after year.

British and Australian Smokers

A study published in Harm Reduction Journal
concludes that there is “an untapped interest in the use of substitutes
to reduce the harmfulness of smoking…The greater the range of products
on offer, the more smokers are likely to try a product to quit.”

The study’s lead author is Ron Borland at Australia’s VicHealth Center
for Tobacco Control. His coauthors are from the University of
Nottingham in the UK, and Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New
York Tobacco


I quit smoking once and for all five years ago. Since then, the harm of smoking is no longer applied to my body, and I feel great, while my sister still "dabbles", considering that she does not smoke. Want to upset anyone who is sure that can throw when he wants - you are dependent people just do not want to admit it. If not, and you really independent of nicotine people, do not smoke a cigarette. Look at how much time you've had enough.

Oracle Sessions Monitoring

The following will discuss the information that can be gathered regarding a specific session. .

The main location for all session information is the v$session view.
The sessions.sql script displays session information using this view along with the v$process, v$sesstat, and v$statname views.
The v$process view provides information about the background processes that service the sessions,
while the v$sesstat and v$statname provide statistical information about the session.

select a.username, a.osuser, a.sid, a.SERIAL# , d.spid,

Fixmbr - Repair Master Boot Record (to remove Grub or lilo Boot menu)

To Fix Master Boot Record to remove Grub or lilo Boot menu I found this post is really helpful.

and all what I did is to download MbrFix.exe

and to run the Recommended use of mbrfix to run Windows again

Create any bootable floppy disk/diskette A: (even with older Windows systems)

Sending xmlbean request to Service using SOAP-UI

If you want to send a sample XML bean request to one of your webservice operation using SOAP UI.
You will have to take care of some points while constructing the xmlbean sample request:

  1. Replace < with "&lt ;" without space
  2. start immediately after your operation parameter that is going to enclose the sample request with the request tag.
  3. this request tag should include the xmlns attribute relevant to your XSD.
    ex: xmlns=""

WSIT Webservices keystore/truststore config keeps generated in the

My WEB-INF\classes\META-INF\wsit-com.gemplus.scms.gateway.pis.PISServices.xml

keeps getting the following ws-policy keyStore
<sc:KeyStore wspp:visibility="private" type="JKS" storepass="changeit" alias="xws-security-server"/>

injected into my wsit-com.gemplus.scms.gateway.pis.PISServices.xml and which causes a problem while trying to run my web application and generates the following stack trace

Windows Batch for renaming files extensions

Sometimes you need some batches for doing stuff like appending extension to existing files or removing extension from existing files
After googleing as I'm not good in CMD scripting I manged to write both renameToOld.bat and undo-renameToOld.bat batches
which rename all the files found in a specific folder to *.old and reverse operation by removing the .old extension from the files found in a specific folder.

for renameToOld.bat :

REM Remove the double quotes from the front and end of the root path

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