Building your students

It is under no circumstancesan easy thing to want to address the need to be concentrated at
all periods on the things that
matter to you, or at least matter to many


the voyage of life, it has been said that the best ship for anyone to cruise is
friendship. College is a place where
students from different parts of the world come together. This makes it an impeccable breeding site for

Harm hookah. What happens?

Analyzing ones composition of an smoke, scientists have created these information in an computer This controls your current device. There also were recorded observations regarding people smoking hookah: frequency of inhalation AS WELL AS exhalation, the delay time associated with smoke on the lungs, even though smoking the hookah.

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Java OCR Applications using Tesseract

based on my quick search I couldn't find any mature Java OCR libraries, and as I wanna try something so I will not go with any commercial solution>

Also after quick search I found recommendations about Open Source OCR library called Tesseract

Oracle Sessions Monitoring

The following will discuss the information that can be gathered regarding a specific session. .

The main location for all session information is the v$session view.
The sessions.sql script displays session information using this view along with the v$process, v$sesstat, and v$statname views.
The v$process view provides information about the background processes that service the sessions,
while the v$sesstat and v$statname provide statistical information about the session.

select a.username, a.osuser, a.sid, a.SERIAL# , d.spid,

Fixmbr - Repair Master Boot Record (to remove Grub or lilo Boot menu)

To Fix Master Boot Record to remove Grub or lilo Boot menu I found this post is really helpful.

and all what I did is to download MbrFix.exe

and to run the Recommended use of mbrfix to run Windows again

Create any bootable floppy disk/diskette A: (even with older Windows systems)

Sending xmlbean request to Service using SOAP-UI

If you want to send a sample XML bean request to one of your webservice operation using SOAP UI.
You will have to take care of some points while constructing the xmlbean sample request:

  1. Replace < with "&lt ;" without space
  2. start immediately after your operation parameter that is going to enclose the sample request with the request tag.
  3. this request tag should include the xmlns attribute relevant to your XSD.
    ex: xmlns=""

WSIT Webservices keystore/truststore config keeps generated in the

My WEB-INF\classes\META-INF\wsit-com.gemplus.scms.gateway.pis.PISServices.xml

keeps getting the following ws-policy keyStore
<sc:KeyStore wspp:visibility="private" type="JKS" storepass="changeit" alias="xws-security-server"/>

injected into my wsit-com.gemplus.scms.gateway.pis.PISServices.xml and which causes a problem while trying to run my web application and generates the following stack trace

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