Remember that making mistakes is part of learning.

Remember that making mistakes is part of learning.

Helga’s first try at establishing her jewelry store failed. After re-evaluating her experience, she opened another jewelry store. Helga is now the proud owner of three successful stores.
Helga didn’t fail in her first attempt. Failure occurs when we quit or stop trying. Helga has perseverance - “stick-to-itiveness.�
Perseverance is the key to success. After thousands of efforts to make the electric light bulb, Thomas Edison said, “I haven’t failed, I’ve identified 10,000 ways that it doesn’t work.� Mario
, Helen Keller, Abraham Lincoln, Marie Curie and an endless list of other great achievers found that success inevitably arrives for everyone who perseveres.
Acquiring a desired job or promotion, or succeeding at business may present difficulties. But this is part of the learning process. Ultimately, people who persevere become successful. They learn from mistakes.
Do you persevere? Or, after meeting rejection or difficulties, do you quit?
Test Your Perseverance Quotient
Rate yourself – on a scale of one to three, one being low and three being high – on each of the
  1. I believe in myself.
  2. I have clear career goals.
  3. I address my limitations.
  4. I bounce back from disappointment.
  5. I have the stamina to persist.
  6. My family and friends support me in my pursuit of goals.
  7. I can adapt to change.
  8. I focus and complete projects.
  9. My goals are consistent with my purpose and values.
  10. I can take unpopular actions when I believe I’m right.
Add your scores. The higher your score, the more perseverant you are.
Tips for Persevering
  1. Clarify your goal.

    Base it on your mission/passion, needs and abilities. Know why you want your goal and how you and others will benefit.

    State your goal in the present. Write desired outcomes, what you want to accomplish. Be detailed, specific, positive.

  2. Intend to achieve you goal. Outline goal, strategies and timeline. Know resources that can help you attain your goal, such as people, associations and the Internet. Break the goal into small steps, working backward form your desired outcome and achievement date.

  3. Develop support systems. Meet regularly with positive, encouraging people who support your goals and celebrate your achievements. Select other sources of positive reinforcement such as books or tapes with uplifting themes.

  4. Choose productive attitudes and behaviors. Don’t dwell in the past, worry about what
    might happen or view yourself as a victim.

    Maintain optimism. Reinforce the positive in yourself and others. Expect good things. Watch self-talk. Replace negative thoughts or statements with positive ones. Keep a diary of each day’s good experiences.

    Focus on what you can do. Acknowledge your accomplishments. Judge your accomplishments against personal standards of self-improvements.

    Have the courage of your convictions. Don’t change for others or compare yourself with others.

  5. Develop the will to risk. Don’t fear mistakes. Ask: ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’ Decide whether you could live with the worst or take steps to reduce the chance of it happening.

    Research your goal to reduce negative outcomes. For example, interview successful people who have achieved similar goals. Learn from their mistakes.

    Live in the present. Don’t worry about what might happen. View
    mistakes as opportunities to grow.

    Let go of attachments. The more attached you are to something, the greater the fear of losing it.

  6. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Care for you mind, body, emotions and spirit. Schedule quiet times to think and reassess. Practice stress relievers such as deep breathing, exercise, meditation. Get sufficient sleep, eat healthy. Take time for fun and friends.

  7. Practice imagery. Imagine yourself living your goal today. Hold your desired outcome firmly in your mind. See, smell, touch and hear aspects of your goal. Each morning upon rising, review your goal. Repeat the process at night.

  8. Persist. Focus on goals daily. With every “no� of defeat you’re closer to a “yes� of success. If you learn from set-backs and stay on course, success will follow. Every day, at regular
    intervals, ask yourself whether your activities are helping you attain your goal.

    Believe you’ll attain your goal. Persevere. When your mind, emotions and activities focus on your goal, you can achieve the extraordinary.


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