El-Motaswel 3ala El-Ba7r (I'm sorry that he is my friend)

Once upon time, there was someone who take El-Tasawel as a profusion.
Every day early he go to the beach and start walking may be he see someone need something.
Once he found what he seeking for he start pretending that he wanna help this guy or this woman and after doing this help (at least as people think) he go to the native people who was deceived in him and start asking them to show him their money.
Shame on you Ahmed.

And I have proofs so that Ahmed can't deny.
The following is a full story with images.

On day while Ahmed was walking on the beach he found some woman with her son wanna set the umbrella and the chairs he quickly hurry up and talk the chairs and put it and asked the lady to set and then start setting up the umbrella.


Then after finishing setting it up asked her son to show him his money and simulate that he was traying to make the umberella stable to give the guy time to get the money from his pocket.



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