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Who is the Donkey?

كان يا مكان ........ غابة بها حمار وأسد وثعلب
الأسد - كالعادة - ملك الغابة وكان جائعاً وكان معه الثعلب الذي لا
ي�ارقه �ي حله وترحاله وكأنه رئيس وزرائه.
قال الأسد : يا ثعلب هات لي طعاماً وإلا اضطررت لأكلك!!
قال الثعلب: تأكلني لا لا ، الحمار موجود سأجرجره لك حتى تأكله.
قال الأسد : طيب ولا تتأخر علي .
ذهب الثعلب �ي زيارة مكوكية إلى الحمار

Drools drool a lot of shortages.

first of all Drool is a good AI(Artificial Inteligence) rule engine.
But Drools full of shortage:

  1. You can't use generics in the drl file; that if you tried to define java function inside the drl file with the following Signature
    function List getLoans(LoanBO loan) {...}
    it will complains and will give the following error message
    org.drools.rule.InvalidRulePackage: unknown:24:15 Unexpected token '<'
    unknown:24:15 Unexpected token '<'

  2. if your code encountered sentex error, or throw exception or you even forget to import a class that you are using all what drools will dump is the following error message org.drools.rule.InvalidRulePackage: Function Compilation error

How do you find Mohamed Helmy?

Shakhsiaa Khani2aa Gedaan.
75% (6 votes)
Normal Person.
25% (2 votes)
Very Cool Open Minded.
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 8

3mera in black pool

3mera in black pool

Speak about your bug first before you post it.

Speak about your bug first before you post it.

Ya3ny Khalaaas

4:02 minutes (6.5 MB)

Lonely Nights by Scorpions

4:48 minutes (4.4 MB)

Love Of My Life by Scorpions

2:27 minutes (3.37 MB)


yesterday I removed my UBUNTU installation and installed SUSE.

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