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فى جلسة ودية بين رئيس ­النظام المصري( ....) ورئيس النظام الأمريكى ­

بوش ، دار الحوار التالى:


مبارك : كم متوسط راتب الموظف الأمريكى؟­

بوش : حوالى 5000 دولار

مبارك : وكم يصرف شهريا؟

Prefuse visualization toolkit

in my current project which is EPS (Electronic Procedure Systems) I need to visualize all the possible paths that any procedure may pass throw, beside visualizing the actual path the application (procedure instance ) pass throw.

 I have two options either building it from scratch, or using any existing visualization toolkit, the later option sounds good but you have to invest a good period of time before reaching the correct / best visualization toolkit that will satisfy your needs.



Custom Single SignOn Implementation using Acegi.

if your application is part of multiple applications that share the same login screen and you need to just login once and be able to use any application without any other login you for sure need SSO, what do you think  about CAS?

yes its a fascinating solutionbut for sure if your company is not an open source solution it will refuse deploying anything (cas.war) on tomcate.

if this was your case so this blog post is for you.

Now we will try to implement a trivial simple SSO implementation using Acegi.

CAS DataBase Authentication

The following is what you need to do; to get your CAS server authenticate against Databases instead of default inMemory Authentication:-

SSO CAS Rocks with Acegi

Single Sign On CAS Acegi Configuration


taking the definition from Acegi Documentation

SSL creation. Deletion, Removing the forgotten keystore passowrd

you can use the following commands to delete, generate, import, export SSL certificates :

Congratulation Hefnawy for your marriage

Congratulations Hefnawy 

1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000  bilion Mabrooooooooooooooooook ya Hefnawy

 I can't imagine that I didn't attend your marriage ;(

anyway when I will get back to Egypt you will redo your marriage as watching your marriage party is not enough for me.

Any way Congratulation for you and for your wife I wish you both a happy life ISA

How to get Hibernate SessionFactory inside the ServiceImpl ?



I have read many posts on andromda forum about How to obtain Hibernat sessionFactory and I tried two approaches which ddn't work with me then I make some solution wihch I don't know if it is dirty solution or not but at least it works with me so I guess it is not ;)

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