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Love Proposal by a Software Engineer

One of my friends (Nyazy) sent me link when I read it I found it so funny so I decided to share it with you here on my blog

Love Proposal by a Software Engineer

Just know that the love I have for you

Is not to be put in a stack or queue

Like a variable in an infinite loop

Be in my heart always and never stop

My heart is like a port, unread,

and the love I have has only one thread

Setting up AndoMDA Environment ( Fixing Maven Repository )

Install Maven

Maven a tool used for building and deploying applications generated by AndroMDA. Based on the concept
of a project object model (POM), Maven can manage a project's build, reporting,
and documentation from a central piece of information. Install Maven by following
the steps below:

El-Motaswel 3ala El-Ba7r (I'm sorry that he is my friend)

Once upon time, there was someone who take El-Tasawel as a profusion.
Every day early he go to the beach and start walking may be he see someone need something.
Once he found what he seeking for he start pretending that he wanna help this guy or this woman and after doing this help (at least as people think) he go to the native people who was deceived in him and start asking them to show him their money.
Shame on you Ahmed.

And I have proofs so that Ahmed can't deny.
The following is a full story with images.

Toad Using Oracle Instant Client

At the beginning I would like to say that I don't know ORACLE, but I guess I'm a good googler.

I tried to make Toad worx using Oracle client but I didn't find Oracle client for Windows (32 bit).

Installing Apache on CentOS


The Apache binary package avaiable for CentOS is related to 2.0.xx version. PHP
is avaiable too, but only version 4.xx. Apache Web Server 2.0.xx and PHP 4 are stable
and are good solutions, but for new project PHP 5 is often requested, and Apache 2.2
is a very good choose.

Apache developers say that 2.2.xx version is the best version avaiable.

Remember that making mistakes is part of learning.

Remember that making mistakes is part of learning.

Installing RPMForge for CentOS 5.0

CentOS 5

You should make sure that you have ProtectBase installed.


yum-protectbase is available in the CentOS 5 repositories:

طارق قرأ �اتحة يا رجالة

طارق قرأ �اتحة يا رجالة

أل� أل� مبروك

وطبعا يا جماعة طارق مقالش لأي حد بسبب ان ده كانت حاجة صغيرة

بس طبعا كلكم معزومين على الخطوبة اللى لسة

مش راضي يقول لحد على معادها

أل� أل� مبروك يا طارق

زمالكاوي اتجوز؟

زمالكاوي اتجوز؟

واحد زملكاوى ليلة دخلته

راحت عروسته قالتله قبل ماتلمسنى أحب أقولك سر:

أنت مش الراجل الاول �ى حياتى

الراجل أصيب بدهشة

ور�ع إيديه للسماء وقال

هو يارب المركز الثانى ده ورايا وراياا

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