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Team Work

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الشعور بالغيط :
لما يكون المؤشر بالعربي و مش راضي يبقلب انجليزي .
الشعور بالحرمان:
لما تكون قاعد علي لاب توب و البطاريه قريب تخلص او خلصت و مش معاك مصدر كهرباء .
الشعور بالغباء:
لما تكتب اسمك و الباسورد بتاعه الميل كذا مرة و مش راضي يدخل لانك ناسي رزار الكبس شغال او ملخبط �ي جزء من الباسورد او حاجه كده .

what are the worst computer parts

Sixteen Commonsense Listening Tips

Sixteen Commonsense Listening Tips - By Dr. Tony Alessandra

The reason you don't understand me, Edith, is because I'm talkin' to you
in English and you're listenin' to me in dingbat!" - Archie Bunker
Archie was right about finding a common language or wavelength, but it
takes two to communicate - the speaker and the listener. Both need to make
the effort to understand each other. According to a French proverb, "The
spoken word belongs half to him that speaks and half to him who hears."

Different culture in Marsa Matroo7

What a Different culture in Marsa Matroo7?

this year it was the first time for me visiting Marsa Matroo7 and it is an amazing place very good water very cute place and a charming nature.

the different thing I have seen there is honesty as you can stop a taxi and tell him for example you will take me to Ageeba and you will return to me after 2 hours to take me back home.

Open Terracotta: Open Source JVM-level Clustering by Jonas Boneer


Jonas is working at Terracotta Inc. with a focus on strategy, product development & architecture and technical evangelism. Prior to Terracotta, Jonas was a senior software engineer at the JRockit team at BEA Systems, where he was working on runtime tools, JVM support for AOP and technology evangelism.

Workshop on Software Engineering Education in Egypt

Workshop on Software Engineering Education in Egypt
Challenges and Opportunities
June 3, 2007,
Seminar Hall,
Faculty of Computers and Information,
Cairo University


أن تعض ( كلبا )!! .. لأنه عضــك

تحرم ن�سك من الضروريات
حتى يستمتع ورثتك بـ الكماليات

الهديـــــة :
عملية لجس نبض ( الذمة )!!!

(حيوان كريم!)

يعطي اسمه وص�اته

لـ ( بعض الناس بدون مقابل ) !!!

الن�ـــــاق :
أداة من أدوات ( النصب )

!! ... لا يعتر� بها أهل ( اللغة ) !!!

المقهى :

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