{JSF, JavaScript} controlling invocation order

{JSF, JavaScript} controlling invocation order

I put JSF and JavaScript in a set as the order in the set is not important, and in this post I will speak about the four types of invocation in JSF web application which are:

  1. JavaScript Call.
  2. JSF Call.
  3. JavaScript call, followed by JSF call.
  4. JSF call, followed by JavaScript call.

I will give a simple illustration of the usage of each one of the above a long with how you can achieve it.

Prefuse visualization toolkit

in my current project which is EPS (Electronic Procedure Systems) I need to visualize all the possible paths that any procedure may pass throw, beside visualizing the actual path the application (procedure instance ) pass throw.

 I have two options either building it from scratch, or using any existing visualization toolkit, the later option sounds good but you have to invest a good period of time before reaching the correct / best visualization toolkit that will satisfy your needs.

SSO CAS Rocks with Acegi

Single Sign On CAS Acegi Configuration


taking the definition from Acegi Documentation

SSL creation. Deletion, Removing the forgotten keystore passowrd

you can use the following commands to delete, generate, import, export SSL certificates :

How to get Hibernate SessionFactory inside the ServiceImpl ?



I have read many posts on andromda forum about How to obtain Hibernat sessionFactory and I tried two approaches which ddn't work with me then I make some solution wihch I don't know if it is dirty solution or not but at least it works with me so I guess it is not ;)

Interviews should be about How to search(google) for some problem.

Interviews should be about How to search(google) for some problem.

I guess Interviewers should only measure how to search (google) for a solution and not be about something else.

All interviewers (including me at some point of time) ask the following type of questions for the person who wants the job:

  1. Ask him IQ or some puzzel questions trying to measure how smart is he/she.
  2. Ask him some Database question measuring his abilities to write queries.
  3. Ask him some Design problem to see how he can think in higher level.

Open Terracotta: Open Source JVM-level Clustering by Jonas Boneer


Jonas is working at Terracotta Inc. with a focus on strategy, product development & architecture and technical evangelism. Prior to Terracotta, Jonas was a senior software engineer at the JRockit team at BEA Systems, where he was working on runtime tools, JVM support for AOP and technology evangelism.

Workshop on Software Engineering Education in Egypt

Workshop on Software Engineering Education in Egypt
Challenges and Opportunities
June 3, 2007,
Seminar Hall,
Faculty of Computers and Information,
Cairo University

JETS Launch and Workshop Day

JETS Launch and Workshop Day

"Open source … the trend for the future"

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import java.sql.Connection;
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