Building, Running, and Integrating AndroMDA sample custom cartridge (deployment-cartridge) into your andromda application


­In this post I will try to make life with AndroMDA custom cartridge easier by guiding you step by step to Build, Run, and Integrate the sample custom cartridge (deployment-cartridge) into your andromda application.

most of the problems that any newbie may face when he decide to develop his own custom cartridge are:

launching andromda wizard to generate the starter application

this is how you can launch the  andromda wizard to generate the starter application

mvn org.andromda.maven.plugins:andromdapp-maven-plugin:3.3:generate

How to get Hibernate SessionFactory inside the ServiceImpl ?



I have read many posts on andromda forum about How to obtain Hibernat sessionFactory and I tried two approaches which ddn't work with me then I make some solution wihch I don't know if it is dirty solution or not but at least it works with me so I guess it is not ;)

How to use AndroMDA EJB3 Cartridge

Here I will tune the andromda EJB3 Installation page as I suffered a bit to follow it, So you will find most of this page content is a copy and a past from

The AndroMDA session that I gave in one of EGJUG meetings

the content listed below I'm not the one wrote it. It's wrote by an EGJUG member called shalano

EGJUG Second Meeting

In the second meeting of EGJUG that was held

on 29/7/2006 at Cairo Faculty of Computer Science there were 2 sessions

and meeting.

The 1st one was "Introduction to AndroMDA" by Ali Abd El-Aziz from OpenCraft.

Ali spoke about the following:

Reverse engineer DataBase (episode 2) Generating Class Diagram Image from XMI.

in my last article (Reverse engineer DataBase to XMI.)

I wrote how to reverse  engineer DataBase and produce XMI file from the data base using andromda Schema2xmi plug-in.

in this article I will speak about how to produce PNG (Portable Network Graphics) Image or any other type of Image that produces the Class Diagram representation from the XMI file that we produced earlier from our Data Base.

ok lets start.

Reverse engineer DataBase to XMI.

In this article I will try to reverse engineer a postgres data base and I think any other database will be the same with small modifications in the config and properties files.

ok lets start.

I will use andromda:schema2xmi plugin to achieve this task.


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